Dino Paskvan

web and iOS developer

JavaScript | Objective-C | Swift | Ruby | Python | PHP


WhenThen — Social Countdown iOS Swift

Create countdowns to (or even from) important events in your life. Share them with your friends. Let them know how much time is left until your wedding, vacation, birthday or how long ago your kid was born. Coming soon to the AppStore.

Sourcery iOS Swift

Sourcery is an iOS app which allows you to view the HTML source of web pages while browsing in Safari. It also works as a standalone app, featuring a lab mode where you can apply custom CSS to web pages or run custom JavaScript.

ntropy.js JavaScript

A JavaScript library which uses data collected from mouse/device motion to create random strings.

express-sse JavaScript node.js

An Express middleware for quick'n'easy server-sent events.

svgynths JavaScript SVG

Interactive SVG synth icons - an experiment.

mikulas.js JavaScript

A simple clock library.

Hammer for Mac Sublime snippets OS X tool

A small collection of useful Sublime Text snippets to be used with Riot's wonderful app Hammer for Mac.

The team that made Hammer seemed to like them:

@dinopaskvan @sublimehq legend! We'll definitely be using this @theriothq. ❤

— Hammer for Mac (@hammerformac) September 3, 2013