// ntropy.js by Dino Paskvan


It's a JavaScript library. It uses data collected from mouse/device motion to create random strings.

It's a fairly geeky thing.

Everyone! Well, okay, maybe not. But it's for people who can find some kind of use for it.

Or you can use it to mess with people... you know, not let them make up their own passwords. :-)

Secure password creation, encryption keys, session IDs...

You can really use it for pretty much anything. If you're making some sort of library that makes art from strings, you could use it to create random art. You can use it so your users can 'choose' random survey questions... It was written in a way that lets you use it for anything you want.

See the Pen xqvil by Dino Paskvan (@dpskvn) on CodePen.

See the Pen GlIjr by Dino Paskvan (@dpskvn) on CodePen.

See the Pen hcoGv by Dino Paskvan (@dpskvn) on CodePen.